In relation to my last post, I would like to share with you a reliable service to help you with NSO birth certificate correction.

Introducing… VERified, INc. It stands for Vital Events Records Verified, Inc.

It is a professional service company composed of experts in civil registration, law and information technology, ready to answer questions about your problems regarding NSO certificates, whether they be birth, marriage, death records, etc.

Many people ask: why even bother if your name is misspelled, your birthdate is wrong, or instead of being marked male, your birth certificate says you are female?? A minor error in your birth certificate may be the least of your concerns during a busy and hectic day at work or school. But millions of people realize why at the worst time. They find out that this itsy-bitsy error could have such a huge impact on a person’s chances to enter school, avail of social security benefits, get a job, qualify for a professional exam, and worse of all, an overseas job opportunity. These all come at that very crucial time when the opportunity comes around, and the chance to grab it slowly fades away. This is what inspired this group of people to organize VERified, Inc.

VERified’s civil registration counsellors are ready to take in your questions, and give you valuable information on how to correct these errors. They will give you the various options available. Best of all, if you have no time to spare to do the procedures yourself, VERified can do these all for you!

Drop a line or two at their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/VerifiedInc.

Send them an email for more privacy: verifiedinc@gmail.com or verifiedinc@yahoo.com

Read up on interesting articles in their blog, The Verifier: http://verifiedinc.wordpress.com.

Get VERified!

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  2. i really have a biggest problem about my NSO birth certificate, i wonder why when i got my birthcertificate on NSO only my surename was appeared and my name was gone..is this just a typical error???though on my original birtcertificate was complete,i cant understand , plz response..

  3. I have a problem, well.. my mom’s name is misspelled in my Birth Certificate, though my mom wrote it correctly. The encoder typed it wrong. so, what should I do to correct it. and how much would it cost if I go straight to the nearest NSO Office?

    • Corrections in your birth certificate should be filed directly with the civil registrar of the place where you were born, not with the NSO.

  4. helo, i have a problem sir..about my name that i used now bernie,in nso berni and i have problem also my middle name i used now carvajal, in nso carbajal, so my scholastics records and employee records or all records that i used is bernie carvajal asentista, and i have a problem also my date of birth, i used noow dec. 13 1975, nso dec 30 1975..pls give an advice sir about my problem

    • These can be treated as clerical errors, but the decision depends on the civil registrar. File it in the civil registrar’s office where you were born.

      Para po sa mas kumpletong advise, tawag po kayo sa opisina namin for an appointment sa aming birth certificate specialists. Numbers are 7051265/7051277. Thank you.

  5. so clerical error ba ito pangalan ko sir or change name,,and my middle name carvajal tha i used ..in nso carbajal,,ang echange ko ay sa nso pwede ba yon?kasi kapag ang nso sundin ko masirta lahat yong mga records ko..at yong date birth ko na petsa lang ang mali now ginamit ko dec. 13,1975, nso dec 30,1975
    ..sa corte ba ito echange or covered ba ito sa 9048 para magchange

    • Covered po ang misspelling ng RA 9048. Yun pong change of birth date, covered po ng bagong batas na RA10172. Pwede na po ito sa civil registrar kung saan po kayo pinanganak. Di na po sa korte.

      For more details, tawag po kayo sa 7051265/7051277. Thank you

    • filing po for correction ng clerical error is P1000. You need to present documents that reflect the correct middle name. For more details po, you may call us at 7051265/7051277.

  6. hi im princess abrincia and my problem is about s date of birth ko.kc po nklagay dun s bithcertificate ko April 20,1989 eh ang real birthday ko po is November 20,1988 at lahat po ng records ko since birth eh ung November 20,1988.ngaun po nahi2rapan aq kung panu gagawin para mapacorrect ung nsa birthcertificate ko kc d po ako mkakuha ng passport dahl s error ng birthcertificate ko.thanks po

    • Kailangan pong i-correct ito sa korte dahil year of birth po ang mali.

      Best po na kumunsulta kayo sa abogado para dito

  7. hi, akopo si cabiran macapodi bago,problema ko yang middlename ko,dapat ay TOMAWIS ang andyan kasi tomawis ang apeledo ng nanay ko pagka dalaga,imbes tomawis,macapodi ang nalagaysa nso birth ko..paano yan maayos?

    • Pwede po itong icorrect as a clerical error, doon po sa civil registrar kung saan po kayo pinanganak. For more info on the process, please call 7051265/7051277 Thanks

    • Hindi po basta-bastang pwedeng paltan ang middle name. Unless wrong spelling lang po. For more details on the correction, please call us 7051265/7051277. Thank you

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