I was browsing the Wednesday edition of the Philippine Daily Inquirer and I chanced upon the Christmas Gift Guide Feature on Young Style. There they featured the Singelringen, which means “singles’ ring” in Swedish. It is made in Sweden, a sterling silver band with a turquoise acrylic coat. Each ring is unique in that it is assigned a distinct number code, which you can key in upon registration on the website. Once you are registered, you will be ushered into the Global Singelringen Community where you can create your own profile, much like Friendster or MySpace and meet fellow ringbearers so you could mingle through email and messaging. Sounds interesting, huh?

Being the slave to consumerism that I am, I rushed to Beauty Bar Powerplant as soon as I got off work to get myself an all new Singles’ Ring. The marketing strategy was successful. It was indeed time for the singles of the world to shout out that we are mighty proud to be single! Married and engaged individuals are not the only ones entitled to wear rings!

The ring costs P2450. At first I hesitated, was it all worth a chunk of my weekly salary? But heck, I looked forward to day end so I can buy myself the embodiment of my present civil status! So there, I got myself one, despite the fact that it doesn’t fit my ring finger. The smallest size was equivalent to U.S. Standard Size 6. I think Im a size 5. It slipped perfectly onto my middle finger. It looks good on me! Yah yah yah… But I could also opt to wear it as a pendant, or as a cellphone charm, just like how they wear it in Japan. Possibilities are endless! 🙂

Oh well, at the end of the day, mission is accomplished. Another one of my manufactured needs addressed…


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