I almost swore not to write about politics on this blog, despite the fact that I belong to a political office. So I promise to keep this short and raging angry! Lately, I have a very indifferent attitude towards politics. When faced with my daily copy of the PDI, (Philippine Daily Inquirer) I just read the headlines, I merely breeze through the text. Honestly, it’s no longer the best way to start the day. It just dampens my spirit reading how corruption has seeped into all corners of our society.

Now, the Chacha train, or more like the Chacha rollercoaster, is all over the papers. What better way to prepare for the holidays than to push heaven and earth to railroad the Charter Change initiative. What are they in the mad rush for anyway? A Constitution is a sacrosanct institution. It cannot be maneuvered or unscrambled in a short span of time, just so people who are afraid to become mere constituents can stay in power perpetually. They have made a fool out of the Filipino people. Just because they have not chosen to take to the streets to protest this meaningless circus, it doesn’t mean they couldn’t care less.
We are sovereign! We rule!

I need to take a deep breath, and then shout out, DAMN THEM ALL! GIVE US A FREAKING HOLIDAY BREAK!


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