Big banners donning this slogan are now scattered all over the Metro. If not for the recognizable colors of Pizza Hut- Red, Black and White, you would have no clue what it meant. We were discussing it one time we got stuck in traffic. At first glance, the message will not register immediately. You would even read it slowly as Ha-te-la-te! Funny but it’s true! I felt that their previous slogan, “Fresh, Hot and Fast” was more effective.

The fact, however, remains that Pizza Hut is the food chain with the best delivery service. Fresh hot and fast indeed. They guarantee your order to arrive in 30-45 minutes, hot off the oven. Most recently, they have begun accepting credit cards for delivery, which is so convenient. You can eat pizza in the comforts of your home, even if you don’t have cash at hand. And there’s the Palm Card! For P150, you can get a card which you can present upon delivery and you get a free pizza for every order of pizza and a 1.5liter bottle of Pepsi. The card is valid for six months. After barely a month, I believe I have made good use of the P150 I paid for to get the card.

I just recently rekindled my lost love of Pizza Hut. For a time, we ate nothing but Yellow Cab Pizza, ordering constantly the Roasted Garlic and Shrimp variety. I just loved shrimp on my pizza, even in my younger years, as much as I loved pineapple with it. But with the help of effective advertising of Pizza Hut, I found myself running back to Pizza Hut during those times we craved pizza during TV nights. I have to say that when I experience a craving for pizza, which usually happens when Im in front of the TV set, an advertisement of Pizza Hut appears everytime.

Now that I’ve dedicated this post to pizzas, I just want to make special mention of the Quatro Formaggi Pizza of L’Incontro. It is simply the best!!! My sister and I had dinner there last week and we devoured the whole pizza all on our own. It was topped with big slices of parma ham, thinly crusted and about 12″ in diameter. It costs P430 but we absolutely loved it!!! We plan to eat there again tonight!


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