I called in sick from work yesterday. So how did I spend my day? I watched tapes and tapes of San Beda games from last year! Can you imagine? I watched a grand total of 4 full length basketball matches, all of 8 hours of it hahahaha… Not to mention that I’ve seen them all live. You would think, what’s with that? Maybe I was feeling nostalgic yesterday. Because last year’s campaign of the Red Lions in the NCAA was one of 2006’s major highlights for me. My family and I spent time together watching their games, either at the Ninoy Aquino Stadium or at the Big Dome, what you may call, sweet quality time. It’s funny how we spend our time together, screaming our lungs out or cursing the life out of the referees or protesting the dirty tactics of the opponents. We had a most enjoyable time during those moments, including those heartstopping moments when the team was in the brink of defeat. Who would forget the last play of the NCAA finals when PCU fumbled the last shot, courtesy of Beau Belga, where Yousif Aljamal found the ball in his hands. Thank you Lord for that. Or else, I would have never even laid eyes on that game, ever again!!


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