(Chef Celia shown here with me!)

I have included a new feature in my blog starting today. It is a list entitled, “Chef Celia’s Specialties for the Week.” You might be wondering who Chef Celia is. The secret is now revealed! She’s my beautiful and fantastic chef of a mom! She’s the best cook in the entire world. I’m not saying that just because she’s my mom. All my friends and family will attest to this. She recently graduated from a three month culinary arts course on French Cooking Techniques at the French Culinary Institute in Manhattan, New York. Now, she has numbed our taste to any fine dining restaurant you can find around the Metro! We dont eat out anymore, unless by force!

This list is my tribute to the wonderful food she serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, each and everyday! 🙂 I’ll try my best to take pictures of her culinary masterpieces. Just forgive me if I forget, they just look absolutely delicious. I just remember to take the picture, after we have eaten them all!

So anyway, you can get a glimpse of what is laid on our breakfast/lunch/dinner table each and every week. It’s just so hard to go on a diet when you stay at our house! Take my word for it!


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