It was just yesterday that I was blogging about the Ginebra magic. This morning while I was reading the sports page, I read this headline “Jaworski Ready for Coaching Comeback.” What perfect timing isn’t it? I’ve long thought if he ever considered coming back to his first love. It was a foolish decision for him to join politics, or maybe selfless, if I choose to be objective, because he was ready to shed his superhero image in the hardcourt, to be able to serve the people in the Senate. Well, I seriously doubt he did a good job in the Senate. But as a Philippine basketball fanatic, I welcome his re-entry into the PBA, with open arms. Though I would never, never, root for his team, may it be Air21 or Talk and Text. But a celebrated personality like himself,will bring back the long lost glory of the professional league.

THE COURTESAN (Dangerous Beauty)

When I made a trip to St. Francis Square to get a few DVDs to watch at home, I was so glad to find an 8 in 1 collection with a movie that I had been looking for for over 4 years! I watched The Courtesan (Dangerous Beauty) when I was in Japan. I loved it so much that I searched desperately to find a copy of it. I forgot all about this unsuccessful search up until I saw it last Saturday.

I saw it again last night. I just remembered to include it in my list of favorite movies of all time. The movie stars Catherine McCormack of Braveheart as Veronica Franco and Rufus Sewell as Marco Venier. I recommend that you see this movie! 🙂

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