Today is my free day from work. I decided to visit U.P. to secure transcripts for my application to the Netherlands. I’m always excited to visit UP. It’s like travelling back in time, about 10 years ago, when I was a student of Economics. Anyway, a lot of things have changed about my Alma Mater. New buildings, new kids on the block, but the same vast and sprawling land, and the beautiful acacia trees are still there. I felt at home, almost instantly. Upon filing my application, that’s when I really felt that it’s still the same UP of old. I would be waiting for 3 weeks until copies of my transcript are ready. THAT’S 21 DAYS TOTAL! It takes them that long, it’s almost funny! And, after filing the application, I had to travel to the Shopping Center to pay for it, then run back to the Registrar to show them my receipt. It was really irritating that after almost ten years, nothing much has changed. To think, that ours is the premier state university in the country! And they’re trebling tuition fees! After all that, I suddenly remembered what registration was like in UP. Long long lines at A.S. to enlist for SocSci1, being there at 5:30 am to be first in line, or at least the priority list, in all 5 of them! Or if all else fails, make a fool out of yourself prerog-ging (in common UP parlance, the teacher’s prerogative “prerog” to take you in) in front of your prospective teacher and classmates. 3 or 4 gruelling days of going through this ordeal in perhaps all of your subjects. Then travelling from one building to another, aboard the UP IKOT or TOKI jeepney, circling the entire campus.

See, I told you it was such a nostalgic morning for me. Anyway, I had my friend Howie with me and we had lunch at Chateau Verde, a cozy garden resto near the UP Shopping Center. Food was fairly okay. But the prices, I guess, weren’t student friendly. Anyway, I noticed that more faculty members trooped there for lunch. But the ambiance was so familiar to me. As if I didnt leave my backyard. But it was one of the better dining places on campus, up there with Chocolate Kiss.

So I know, I’ll start doing my novena, so the Registrar will come up with my transcripts on time….


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