I went out with my best friend last Saturday to see the latest chick flick “The Holiday” starring Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jack Black and JUDE LAW! It was a great movie, loved the story. But most of all, I just remember I had such a big crush on Jude Law. It’s funny that it is only now that I developed a huge crush on a Hollywood celebrity. I swear I was blushing in the dark halls of SM Megamall Cinema 12 while watching Jude Law flash his smile with Cameron Diaz, his love interest, across the room. We felt like highschool girls watching 21 Jumpstreet or New Kids on the Block. For the record, though, when that cult TV show and that Boyband were such huge hits, I didn’t go gaga over them.

Anyway, the day before that, I saw Music and Lyrics starring Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore. Another really cute movie! It was a treat watching Hugh Grant strut his stuff as a has been 80’s hit. He also recorded a song called “Way Back Into Love,” which I’d have to say is a really catchy tune, something Jessica Simpson would sing. Another interesting cut in the soundtrack, is the new wave inspired tune, “Pop Goes My Heart.” When I heard it, I kept thinking that I heard this song before. It really sounded like it was recorded in the 80s, alongside, Duran Duran, TEars for Fears, and yes, Eurythmics…

Watch these chick flicks, you won’t regret it 🙂


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