I returned from the sunny beaches of Boracay after a four day holiday. It was a relaxing weekend from all the hustle and bustle of Manila life, although the Island of Boracay can be considered a busy cosmopolitan, only that there is a fantastic white sand beach a couple of steps away. We stayed at Laguna de Boracay, situated at the other part of the island, where people, mostly foreigners, go to kiteboard and windsurf. During our last day, we stayed at a quaint little room right beside Real Coffee, where they serve good coffee, sandwiches and muffins. Let me share with you some of the sights and scenes of Boracay:

Taken from the deck of the Glass Bottom Boat, which took us around the Island for an hour and a half, watching the marine life unfold right below our feet! 🙂

A young boy shielding his face from the sun using his skimboard. Taken in front of JayJay’s Movie Bar beside Real Maris Hotel.

Sunset Sailing, one of the new pastimes of couples in Boracay. What a romantic sight!

A windsurfer all by his lonesome, enjoying the sun, sea and wind at Bulabog Beach, at the other side of upbeat White Beach.

I also enjoyed watching the kiteboarders strut their stuff on the deep blue sea. I curiously watched, as I worked on my tan.

All in all, Boracay is still a tropical paradise. However, in the scorching heat of summertime, you won’t have the chance to enjoy peace and quiet. It’s like being in Greenbelt, only, you can wear flipflops and bikinis! Enjoy your summer guys 🙂


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