After accepting admission at the University of Groningen, I was advised to make a reservation with the Housing Office for accommodation. So that became my next step. I visited the Housing Office Website and filled up the application form there. I was asked what type of accommodation I preferred, they had several choices there, of which I chose a single room in an international student house. I didn’t specify any preference, but perhaps the most important consideration right now is the rent. So I am hoping that I can get the cheapest accommodation I can find.

A few days after, the Housing office contacted me, with the instruction of transferring the fee for administration cost and reservation fee for whatever room they can find for me. If the office is able to find a suitable room, the reservation fee shall be treated as a deposit to the appropriate landlord. I then made a bank transfer for the same, since they will not accept bank cheques or credit card transaction. Thanks to Citibank for a smooth transaction.

After this step, I was also instructed to send through fax an authorization signed by me so that the University of Groningen can register me for my courses in the Master of Laws program.

Suddenly, more and more processes need to be performed. I hope it goes on smoothly.


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