Last night, my family and I went to watch Pirates of the Caribbean- At World’s End. We wanted to watch it at the Premiere Theatre at the Shangrila Mall since my sister got some free tickets. A ticket at this theater would cost P250 and it comes with a free snack, like a hotdog sandwich or a tumbler of popcorn, and drink. Upon entering, the cinema has its own exclusive bar and a waiting area. That is the premium you pay for. So we decided to try it out, since we enjoyed our experience in the Globe Platinum Cinema at Gateway Mall at the Araneta Center, where they had la-z-boy seats, waiters, unlimited popcorn and drinks!

Upon entering the Premiere theatre, the attendant informed us that the premiere bar just closed and we had to claim our food and drinks at the cinema bar, which was open to the general public. What just happened there? I prevented myself from flaring up so as not to create a scene. We bought tickets for the last full show which starts at 9:30pm. We entered the theater at 9:10 and the bar was already closed! I was disgruntled the entire time I was lining up. When i entered the cinema hall, the seats were all clamped together. The seats at the new Greenhills Promenade Cinemas were miles better!

I vowed never to pay extra to watch at the Premiere Theatre of Shangrila Mall. I’d pick the Greenhills Promenade Theatres any time of day.



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