I started last Tuesday with my first formal photography classes. As in my previous post, I enrolled with the new Lightroom studios. This studio is run by 3 noted photographers, travel photographer Anton Sheker, lomographer Bong Rojales, and corporate photographer and instructor Allan Florendo. Our class was the second batch of their Basic Creative Photography Class. The class has six students in all. During our first day of class, we were introduced to the art of photography, and acquainted ourselves to our respective cameras. After which, we were taught basic composition techniques and some valuable tips in taking photographs. It was a crash course into the technical terms of taking pictures but it was good that I went into some preliminary reading prior to this class so I wasn’t totally lost in the discussion.

For today’s class, we were asked to shoot some photos of something we could find inside the house, following the rules of composition that we tackled last meeting, like the rule of thirds, simplicity, balance, center of interest, etc. At first, I thought long and hard on what subject would be interesting to shoot. I admit and mourn for my inborn inability to excel in any kind of art. But then, I remembered the huge buddha babies my mom got at a thrift shop in Evangelista Street in Makati (thrift and vintage shop haven in the Metro) and got my nephew as my energetic and cheery model. Here are some of the photos I came up with:

buddha babies with adrian

buddha babies with adrian2

buddha babies with adrian3

Check out my other pics at flickr


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