Season 69 Finals Most Valuable Player (MVP) Jojo Duncil of the UST Growling Tigers

Is it true? Jojo Duncil, UAAP Men’s Basketball Season 69 Finals MVP was found with a tampered birth certificate?

I read here that Jojo Duncil and the UST Growling Tigers face the brink of suspension if found guilty of tampering the said player’s birth certificate. relates that his birth certificate as issued by the National Statistics Office (NSO) indicates 1982 as his year of birth. If so, this makes him ineligible to play for UST since he has exceeded the age limit of the UAAP of 24. What further complicates the said scenario is, the records submitted by the school reflect that his date of birth is 1983. The inconsistency may lead to a finding of fraud, much similar to that stirring controversy that rocked the UAAP, leading to the one year suspension of the DLSU in the said league.

The next few weeks will be interesting to observe, since UST is the defending champions in basketball, as well as general champions and this year’s host of the 70th staging of the UAAP.

More and more controversies of this kind has been sprouting out. It is sad to realize that the world of amateur sport and competition is being eroded by deceit and corruption.



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