Last Saturday, my Basic Creative Photography Class went on a culminating activity, an on- location photo shoot at the American Cemetery in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig. It was my first time to visit the place. It was so clean, the lawn so green and freshly-cut, virtually clutter free. It was the only cemetery that didn’t make me feel creepy. White crosses were everywhere, lined to perfection. It was indeed the perfect place for a newbie photographer for me. Our instructor Allan was right in saying, it was the best place to apply everything we have learned during the course. Every vantage point was photo-worthy.

However, the skies were so gloomy that day. So I felt a wave of melancholy while moving around the cemetery. You could notice in the shots, the predominantly grey undertones in the background. Honestly, I wasn’t satisfied with the way the photos turned out. I don’t know if it was just the weather, or maybe my inadequacies as a beginner.

Anyway, we are obliged to choose two of our best photos during the shoot. It will be the subject of critiquing at tonight’s session. On top of this, these shots will be our entries to the photo contest among my classmates. They say that a cute little price is up for grabs. I’m not really banking on it. But I am very keen on seeing what my classmates came up with. Our batch has different points of views when it comes to shooting, as well as very diverse interests in photography.

Here are my entries:



See my other photos at flickr


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