I just received an email from the Housing Office that I have been reserved a slot at the Plutolaan International Student House in Groningen. The Plutolaan is reserved exclusively for Master and Postgraduate Students. Most are single rooms and have their own private toilet, which I consider such a luxury since most dormitories only have shared toilets and showers. I also chose to get a single room since I’m a little uncomfortable sharing a room with a total stranger. My mom said I’d be a headache to my roommate since I can be a hurricane at throwing my things here and there. Hahaha but things are about to change. Rent is pegged at E365, which if converted to Philippine Peso would amount to over P22,000! Geezz, if Id spend that on rent here in Manila, I have a cozy studio apartment for myself. I wonder how small my room in Groningen will be!

I have barely two months to go before I embark on my journey to the Netherlands. I don’t really know what to expect since this is the first time that I’ll be completely on my own. It is a phase of self-discovery for me and an exciting adventure as well!


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