I read at Gameface that Soc Rivera, star player of the FEU Baby Tams, has joined the official roster of the University of the Philippines (UP) Maroons in the upcoming 70th Season of the University Athletic Association of the Philippines. (UAAP) This put a smile on my face, having followed the commotion caused by the controversial transfer by Rivera. This incident also bore a new rule implemented by the UAAP that requires junior athletes from UAAP schools who intend to transfer to other member schools to secure approval from their school of origin or choose to serve one year of residency with their new school.

The Rivera case graced sports pages of several broadsheets during the off-season. This even inspired the NCAA to implement a similar rule, to affect high school players of Philippine Christian University (PCU) who was suspended from the said league for identity switching and other serious infractions. One big question that remains is the answer to unconfirmed reports that Far Eastern University (FEU) was willing to release Rivera if he could settle his outstanding balance of P116,000 on Rivera for unsettled miscellaneous fees during his tenure in FEU. As I see Rivera’s name on the Maroons’ roster, the only thing I could say is:

Sa UP Naming Mahal, ang mahal ni Soc Rivera! 🙂

UP Fight!



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