The most memorable words I will remember from my Lightroom workshop are these… you don’t have to go far to take that perfect photograph.

outside my window

I took this photo of the flower growing outside my window. I didn’t even know that it existed until I overheard my mom and my sister talking about it. I was surprised to find out that a flower was blooming an arm’s length away from my bed. So one early evening, I just took a shot at it. I don’t know if I composed it properly. I always thought I shot poor pictures in low light. I think, though, I pulled this one off. But then, it’s just me.

Going back to that workshop, our instructor, Allan Florendo also said that it helps to compose a shot in your mind, to study all the elements before pressing that shutter.

maynila, sa kagat ng dilim

This spot has grown to be a favorite of mine. I’ve longed to take a shot of it for several weeks now. It is located at the bridge leading to the recently closed Pandacan Depot. I feel nostalgic everytime I drive past it. And when I’m not driving, I turn my head to appreciate its splendor during dusk. Just today, I finally had the courage to get off the car to take this. Honestly, I felt giddy taking this picture, or maybe I was worried that a towtruck might pass by and impound my car. But now as I look at it, I’m disappointed at how it turned out. I felt that I didn’t do it justice. I realized I set the ISO too high or that I took the shot too early, or too late…I guess I just have to go back again and again, until I get that perfect shot.

After looking at them in full screen, I realize that these two photos speak to me about life and about spontaneity. Much like the first photo, there are some things that you feel like doing, then you just stand up and do it. As a result of that impulsiveness, you feel like patting yourself at the back. On the other hand, this second photo is much like plans you’ve always had in your mind, those you’ve played out several times in your head. When you finally execute, it just doesn’t seem right. It somehow frustrates, but you just try and try until you can sit down and say, “Absolutely perfect…”

Now, I can say that art really resembles life…


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