Let me now continue with my Tagaytay food trip adventure. So now, we check out of Discovery Country Suites. Our mom and dad came to pick us up, so we can try out the intriguing Greek resto conveniently situated along the Aguinaldo Highway. It was hard to miss, it was colored blue and white and said in bold letters, “MANOS GREEK TAVERNA.” I’ve read about this place several times on the internet. Everytime we were at Tagaytay, I keep telling my Mom that we should try it out one time. So this time, we went.

When you enter the restaurant, you’d think this restaurant must really have good food, because it had absolutely no frills, only pictures of Greece mounted on the wall. So we browse through the menu. It had a lengthy introduction on the history of Greek cuisine. Oh the non-reader in me, skipped the entire piece and went on to the menu proper. Here are the dishes we ordered:


Saganaki, our appetizer, was a shrimp dish with tomatoes, feta cheese, basil cooked in olive oil and topped with bread cubes. Hmm, it tasted good… So so…

Lamb Gyros

My sister’s order came next, the Lamb Gyros. The pita was baked by Manos himself. It tasted okay, still so so…


This was what I ordered. The Moussaka, a baked dish of eggplant, potatoes, ground beef, cheese, white wine and bechamel. It was absolutely wonderful. Yummy!!!

Grilled Lamb Shoulder

Grilled Porkchop

Now we move on to the House Specialties. The grilled meats were the best. No additional ingredients, just fresh herbs and olive oil. Wow! We had absolutely no complaints!


Homemade Yoghurt

The desserts still fit into the general theme of our meal, HomeCooked No Frills Greek Cuisine. The yoghurt was freshly fermented by Manos in his restaurant. After our fantastic meal, Manos approached our table for a chat. He told us of the history of his simple restaurant. He said that he has had plenty of offers to branch out in Manila, but he politely refused each and everyone. He refused to give in to commercialize his restaurant business to cater to the crazy restaurant scene in Manila. He would rather have his customers come by Tagaytay and enjoy the laidback ambience of his place plus the cool breeze of the surroundings.

With Manos

Our picture with Manos

So, on your next Tagaytay visit, just be on the lookout for that white and blue building, and try it out!

Thanks Manos for your hospitality and see you soon!


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