Another shocking news bit flashed in TV Patrol tonight, “NCAA Superstar arrested for Illegal Gambling.” Paolo Orbeta, the flashy point guard of the College of Saint Benilde Blazers, was arrested by the NBI for illegal gambling. He allegedly engaged in betting, conspiring with three other individuals, to the tune of one million pesos, if he could manage to score less than 11 points in one of his games in the NCAA. He scored eleven points, therefore winning the said bet. The other party, reported the case to the NBI. Hence, Orbeta’s arrest. Here is the complete story, lifted from GMA News TV:

NCAA cager Paolo Orbeta nabbed for point shaving
08/02/2007 | 05:52 PM

A National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) basketball player, a policeman, and two others allegedly involved in point shaving were arrested by agents of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) in an entrapment in Malate, Manila on Wednesday afternoon.

NBI Director Nestor Mantaring identified the cager as Paolo Nallana Orbeta, 23, a point guard of the College of St. Benilde (CSB) Blazers. Orbeta also played for the Elasto Painters (now the Welcoat Dragons) in the Philippine Basketball League.

Also arrested were James Ryan Rosario Mangaran, 24, schoolmate of Orbeta; Rajan Lachman Amante Chandumal, 31, alias “Howard Gan,” salesman, and Inspector Aaron Raemon Abon Elago, 24, detailed to the Philippine National Police-Philippine Public Safety College (PNP-PPSC), Camp Crame in Quezon City.

All are residents of Guadalupe Nuevo, Makati.

The fifth suspect identified as Luigi Guingon remains at large.

The investigation was conducted by the Anti-Fraud and Computer Crimes Division (AFCCD), headed by Assistant Regional Director (ARD) Vicente de Guzman III. The complainant is another student, Wilfred D. Uy.

According to the NBI, sometime last March, Orbeta approached Uy and Guingon at an eatery near CSB to borrow P300,000 to pay for a losing bet in a game of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Uy agreed because Guingon offered a land title, reportedly from his uncle, as collateral. Orbeta assured Uy that they can redeem the land title because he could easily make money betting on a rigged NCAA basketball game.

On June 29, Uy handed the amount of P310,000 to Orbeta and the alleged “banker” Chandumal. Uy was informed that he could place his bet at their NCAA games.

The complainant placed his bet for a week from July 9 to 15. But instead of winning, he merely broke even on his bets.

On July 18, Orbeta’s team had a game scheduled with the San Sebastian Stags. Orbeta again convinced Uy to place a bet on a so-called “player’s odd” P1 million guaranteed with a sure win as the cager would make sure that he would only make less than 11 points in the game.

But the agreement did not materialize. Chandumal, the “banker,” said Uy lost the bet and demanded payment. Uy then got hold of information that the bet was a scheme by Orbeta and his group.

Orbeta allegedly called up Uy and threatened him to pay otherwise the group would tell the school administrators of his activities.

On July 27, Orbeta, Chandumal, Luigi Guingon, and Elago went to the victim’s house and threatened physical harm if he would not pay up.

This prompted Uy to seek NBI help and an arranged entrapment was set up the following day.

On Wednesday afternoon, the NBI agents, in coordination with the Manila Police District (MPD), proceeded to the Ate Ems eater near Agno Street for the pay-off.

Uy was giving the marked money to the suspects when the NBI agents arrested them.

The suspects are facing violation of PD 1602 (illegal gambling) and Article 294 of the Revised Penal Code otherwise known as robbery with violence against or intimidation of persons. – GMANews.TV

Paolo Orbeta opted to skip Season 82, explaining that he is unable to step up to the responsibility of handling the CSB Blazers with ten rookies. He came back this year to boost the campaign of CSB. This team was touted as one of the early tournament favorites this season. The dismal performance of the team now comes as a total surprise to everyone. Their formidable lineup could easily propel them to the top of the standings. It is therefore clear that the players are not getting along well. It is also a puzzle why Orbeta, who could easily score twenty five points at will, is having such an unproductive season. Now this explains why.

I felt so down hearing this news, realizing that the game that we all love is being tainted with corruption and monkey business. A lot of other players have been reportedly involved in these operations, but was kept under wraps. I am hopeful though, that the NBI is alarmed by these activities, and are doing something about it. Maybe the perpetrators will start thinking twice before doing these hideous acts.



  1. adamsonian says:

    i felt sorry for paolo his been my hs mate at adamson and her mom was our advisor who always tells us that gambling is a form of sin… bad thing paolo didnt have a chance to learn that to her mom…

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