Coach Frankie Lim

Here is a long discourse that I posted on as a comment to thread on Frankie Lim:

When we say to ourselves that we should give Frankie Lim a chance, we should take it to heart.

Fine, he has no experience in the college wars. But he has been part of the Red Lions ever since MVP got involved in the basketball affairs of San Beda. Aside from this, we cannot take away the fact that he was himself a Bedan, both a part of the last Red Lion lineup that brought us the back to back championship and a part of the Red Army, a PBA player, a professional basketball team manager. Hindi matatawaran ang basketball knowhow ng taong ito.

Matagal pinagpilian ni MVP at ng San Beda ang papalit kay Coach Koy. Marami rin sa mga pinagpilian dito ay umatras dahil sa pressure na tularan ang mga narating ni Koy. Pero hindi ipapaubaya ni MVP at ng San Beda ang responsibilidad na ito sa isang tao alam nilang walang kakayanan. Isa pa, importante sa lahat ang longterm commitment ng susunod na head coach sa programa ng San Beda. Masasayang na naman ang lahat ng paghahanda kung magpapalit na naman ng coach.

A new system is in place. Everybody is learning the ropes- the coaches, the players. So there will be rough edges. Minsan may mga turnovers, masakit sa mata. But our players are responding well to this system. You can see how much they enjoy playing the running game. Even the spectators hold on to the edge of their seats. Hindi mo alam kung alley-oop dunk o turnover. Halos di ka makahinga sa kaba… ang saya-saya di ba? Some of us hate to admit it but, it is the brand of play where their talents are showcased to the fullest.

Ibang-ibang hulma si Frankie kay Koy. Si Coach Koy, may fatherly approach, he gives them inspirational talks. He treats his players like his sons. He guides them every step of the way. He motivates them this way. Si Frankie naman, mukhang isnabero. Pag sumigaw, magigimbal ang kalamnan mo. Pagtapak ng player sa court, inaasahan ni Coach ang diskarte ng player niya. He lets them use their smarts.

Ha? Pinapabayaan mo ba ang player mo sa court? This is college basketball! Why do this? Maybe it’s confidence. Maybe it’s trust. But he establishes his connection with his players this way. We may not understand why because we just take our place in the stands. But it works. Sadly, in this country of basketball fanatics, moreso, in this school of basketball diehards, lahat tayo basketball coaches in our own right. But for as long as we stay at the stands, and not on that bench, those who do will always know far better than we do. If they’re okay with it, dapat okay din sa atin.

The coaching staff is in control. And yes, Frankie values the opinion of his assistants. During a timeout, before facing the players, the coaching staff holds their own mini-huddle. This is when he hears out his assistants. His assistants are able enough to handle the pressure as well. So we cannot say he’s out there alone in the woods. Relax lang tayo.

But it is a new system, they started learning it since February this year. Six months, guys… La Salle has had theirs for nine years. Louie Alas and the Knights, a little less than that. But people behind this management decision know the risk involved, and have weighed the options. Let’s respect it and be pleasantly surprised at the results it will bring us.

Tama na ang turuan. Masakit ang pagkatalo natin sa Letran. Kung sa atin ngang nanood lang, di na tayo makatulog. Yun kayang mga players na naglaro? Nagpakasakit ng katawan, yung iba may injury pa. Eh di lalo na ang coach? Na bagamat baguhan sa NCAA, ay tulad din nating may pusong Bedista at inaasahan pa nating lahat na iuwi sa San Beda ang inaasam nating back-to-back. Let’s all move on!

It’s been said far too many times. We may have lost the battle, but not the war. Better believe it, mga kapatid!

Courage San Beda, Go San Beda Fight!

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