Finally I trooped down to Kozui Green Tea (see this review by Dessertcomesfirst) to have a taste of matcha (green tea in Nihongo) fare,together with my bestest friends, Mina and Marie! Wooohooo, boy was I really excited!!

When I entered the shop, it was filled with tasteful shades of green and white. I was loving it already.

kozui interiors

But what really drew me here was a picture of their anmitsu I saw at the recent issue of Yummy Magazine (which, in my opinion, is the food magazine du jour) So that was exactly what I ordered.

yummy anmitsu

Anmitsu (P128) a Japanese dessert with homemade green tea ice cream, azuki beans, gelatin, mochi balls and mango cubes. It was really delicious. I was immediately brought back to the Kyoto Tofu Ice Cream, most popularly known as Ufufu, which I enjoy at the ground level of Roppongi Hills. Such fond memories! 🙂

Takoyaki balls

Now, can I begin to rave about their Takoyaki (P98)? Geez, Im now brought back to the busy streets of Ueno where I love buying takoyaki while breezing through stall after stall of this shopper’s haven. This is the first in a really long while that I was able to taste authentic takoyaki… Hayyyy, I miss Japan.

I highly recommend this place. The atmosphere, food and drinks, the prices, simply amazing. Drop by so you can agree with me.

Kozui Green Tea is located at Tomas Morato Street, Quezon City (beside baang coffee)

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