It is one of a maid of honor’s tasks to throw a bridal shower for a bride-to-be. Since I’ll be leaving for school next week, I decided to throw an early bridal shower for my dear sister, Minik. Even in our younger days, we have agreed to have a different take on the traditional goings-on in a shower. In short, no strippers allowed! Some of our invited guests were anxious on how we were going to do this. But i was confident I’ll be able to pull it off.. Thanks to the SPArty bridal shower concept!

 First of the tasks at hand was to find the best venue. I wanted a quaint and tasteful nail salon with good service and big enough to accommodate 10-15 noisy girls! I visited several which were near our house, California Nails, Posh Nails and the winner, Hot Nails. Take a peek at its interiors. How could I not choose this?

pretty interiors of Hot Nails

The owner, Ellen, gave me an offer that I can’t refuse. The package included a hand and foot scrub, 30 minute massage, a manicure and pedicure. We agreed to have a beach theme, which was funny coz we held it during a rainy Sunday afternoon in August. But it was perfect since my sister was truly a beach princess. She met her fiance in the shores of Puerto Galera. When I floated the idea to her, she agreed right away!

So, next in line was the preparation of the menu. Since we were going to spend some 3 to 4 hours in the spa for our treatments, we had to prepare food to get us through dinner. My whiz chef of a mom prepared chips and salsa, pesto and prosciutto pizza, lasagna, chocolate cake and mocktails, a mixture of mango juice, white grape juice and club soda (Thanks to Instyle Parties for the recipe!)  for refreshments.


The real challenge was how to turn the place into a beach paradise. The gloomy clouds outside didn’t exactly cooperate. Ellen decorated the place with colorful shells, dainty sarongs and breezy plants. We turned to the Bossa Sound to set the mood. Everyone was requested to come in their island wear, and voila! We were in paradise!

Games and activities? What are girls to do when they’re having their manicure? Oh, everyone knows this is a very sacred hour for every kikay girl. So I thought, why not a scrapbooking moment as their rite of passage? Once they make a page to remember, that’s when they claim their relaxing treatment. The scrapbook/guestbook will be the bride-to-be’s wonderful souvenir for the event. I asked all the guests to bring a picture of the bride-to-be then we set up a corner for scrapbooking with all the things they would need to express their artsy selves. It was fun!



I also prepared some trivia questions about the bride, those itsy bitsy details. Since the guests will not be able to run around, they stayed in their oh-so-comfortable chairs and I just gave each team one horn (as in torotot) as their “buzzer.” It turned out to be the best alternative since everyone was so drowsy, after their massages.

 beach princess

The usual opening of gifts came last, after everyone was done with their treatments. Shrieks and giggles filled the room as the bride opened the presents, some naughty, some nice…

As for the giveaways, my sister and I trooped to the Exporters’ fair at SM Megamall to look for nice trinkets to give to our guests. We decided on massage oils, mother of pearl earrings and cutesy notepads enclosed in a little sinamay pouch. Cool!


All in all, the party was a success! Everybody was so satisfied with the services. The staff at Hotnails were very professional, true experts in their craft. For most of the guests, it was an ultimate escape, from work, from baby duty. I could see their reenergized faces. I was so proud of myself!

The cast 

A word of caution, though, for maids-of-honor planning to throw spa parties: You’ll be the workhorse at the party. I was host/photographer/gift opener here. Everybody will be immobile, the entire time! So the best idea I came up with was when I decided not to have my treatments that day. Otherwise, no one will be able to open the presents! Have another day all to yourself.

Also, Hotnails gave a gift certificate to my sister as their bridal shower present to her. They did a wonderful job for the party! To think it was their first time to host this kind of party.  Thanks to Ellen and her crew! Hats off for a job well done.

Hotnails is located at 2F Hemady Sports Plaza, 9 Dona M. Hemady Avenue, New Manila, Quezon City.

Tel. Nos. 727-5811/ 0922-8287800


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