Reporting for duty!

I finally got the chance to access the internet. I have safely landed in Utrecht. Since I have no time to tell my stories, other than that I am still staying at a hostel and that school started this morning, might as well just share with you my photos around Utrecht. A lovely student city, nothing like Manila of course. See the sights…



Lost (and smiling) in Bike Town

Autumn Leaves

More of my stories, soon!

Note: Seems like Ive exceeded the required number of photos in my free flickr account. Till the time that I upgrade to a flickr pro, please check out my pics at my multiply site: Thanks!



  1. Therese says:

    Hi! Michelle! Im glad you had a safe trip! There was a game yesterday (sept 12) Beda vs. Mapua and obviously we won!!! We will be facing Letran for the finals. What a lovely site! Ang ganda! Im sure your camea will be your new best friend! Keep sending those pictures! at least from there we can experience The Netherlands 🙂 send me naman the pictures that you took with Pong and when we had dinner in you house :0 Ingat ka dyan!

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