5,000th HIT!

Wow, I just checked my blog. I recently got my 5,000th hit! It’s a really big achievement for a recreational blogger like myself, that people can actually relate to things I write about. Anyway, there’s nothing more universal about food, fashion and travel. And a lot of people from my side of the world really love basketball and sports…. and the San Beda Red Lions, who incidentally are marching their way to a second straight Finals appearance in the NCAA! Congrats! Too bad I won’t be there to cheer you on live…. But well, does it matter? They’ll win it anyway. No offense meant to the Letranites. We are way too mighty for you guys this year. The only team that can beat San Beda… is San Beda.

 A lot of things are happening right now. With school starting and a whole new bunch of papers to read, I barely have time to blog and post my pictures. But here’s hoping that when I have finally settled in Utrecht, I can tell you more stories about my escapades here. Right now, I can only tell you that the university library is so great and that I oversleep, probably still because of the jetlag or that my brain is working double time too!

Let me just make mention of Hostel Strowis, which I have called home for the past week. It is a quaint hostel with good amenities, clean rooms and trustworthy staff. It’s a bunkbed style of accommodation, so I feel like I’m at camp. It is right smack in the middle of the University. It is a few steps away from classes, so I absolutely love the location. A lot of people come and go, so I have different roommates every night. Other than that, I want my room now! So I can get on with my Dutch way of life.

I miss Manila, though… The chaos, the smog, the traffic and the people… Nothing compares to home…


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