my first home in utrecht 

A hostel is not a very popular tourist accommodation in the Philippines. Pension houses around the country, cater only to tourists on a budget, and backpackers.

So when I got here in the Netherlands, I did not know what to expect when I was informed that my dormitory room is not yet ready and I needed to live in a hostel for the meanwhile.

I arrived at Hostel Strowis. It was a small hostel tucked in Boothstrat near the Faculty of Law, right in the middle of the City. For my first night, I had to share the room with 8 other people, a mix of boys and girls from all over the world. Also the shower and the toilet to the rest of the guests in the hostel. There is also a well-equipped kitchen where you can cook your food. The first of my new experiences in Utrecht. I have my valued possessions with me, everywhere I go. But in the last week that I have been there, all my things are safe.

Accommodations in the hostel range from 14-17 euros depending on how many people you will be sharing the room with. Continental breakfast costs 5euros and you spare 1,25euros if you need bed linens.

 Probably the best thing Ive learned in living in the hostel is to watch over my things. And Ive turned into this neat freak, fixing my things each and everytime. Yes, mom! I’ve changed! 🙂 My mom used to tell me I cannot have a roommate because I was such a mess with all my things.

The hostel offers a great mix of tourists from all over. We share one computer with internet. Everyone else is scattered around at various parts of the hostel, trying to catch wireless internet signal.

As much as I enjoyed my new experience, I am looking forward to move to my own room. For some peace and quiet, and some privacy…


4 thoughts on “LIVING IN A HOSTEL 101

  1. Hostelio says:

    There is too much confusion about the definition of term “hostel”. I dont think small hotels, B&B’s or pension should call themselves as hostels.

    A hostel must provide budget-price accommodation, including 1-night stays, must welcome individual travellers and must not charge them more than a member of a couple or group. A hostel must have a common room where guests can sit and chat, or eat communally.

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