I found an interesting article in one of the threads at The season of the NCAA is not yet over, but other teams have their eyes set on San Beda’s campaign for next year.

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Lenient NCAA rules giving SBC advantage


By Julius Manicad  

The article reads, in part:

“The establishment of a basketball dynasty by San Beda College (SBC) might be put under serious scrutiny as some quarters in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) are now questioning the wisdom of its recruitment process.

A long-time mentor, who refused to be identified, yesterday stressed it appears the Red Lions are already toying with the existing rules of the league by “hiring” another Nigerian, 6-foot-7 Kevin Emeka Udo…”

With this development, it will not come as a surprise if the NCAA will impose stricter rules on fielding foreign players next year. Foreign players joining the NCAA is nothing new.  For years, member schools have beefed up their lineups with foreign recruits from all four corners of the globe. But perhaps the renewed interest, or skepticism, I should say, towards the influx of foreign players was sparked by the sheer domination of Sam Ekwe in last year’s season. Ekwe virtually swept all individual awards and led San Beda to a historic title for the first time in 28 years. And now other teams are raising their brows with the entry of another Nigerian into the Red Lions’ fold, Kevin Emeka Udo who, as explained here, jetted into Manila via Singapore upon learning that he could study here in the Philippines, as well as play ball. The same opportunity was not available to him during his stay there. Kevin was aptly described in the article as a mobile big man with sweet shooting hands. But true indeed, if both players play on court at the same time, the opponents would be held captive by this tag team.

The treatment of basketball in this country is like a nationalized industry. Only citizens are allowed to play in the professional league, save for conferences when imports are allowed to play. But we have to face it, the sport that we love so much is a tall man’s game. Notice too that the players that presently dominate the league are Fil-foreigners, who, thank their foreign genes for their towering height and athletic prowess.  Restricting the sport to players who are purely Filipino will not help us upgrade our level of play to international standards. Call my opinions biased because I am Bedan and we have Samuel and Kevin. But yes, going truly Filipino in the field of basketball will not put our country on the basketball map.

On a sidenote though, Henry Atayde of the NCAA Management Committee makes mention of a 60-40 rule regarding foreigners that 60% of the lineup of a member school must consist of Filipinos and a maximum of two foreigners are allowed to play at any given time. So what is the big fuss then? Even at present, no rules are being broken. And where, may I ask,  are all these rules written in the first place? Probably the more accurate question to pose is, are they written at all? The NCAA isn’t what it was 83 years ago. Nowadays, if you implement rules, write them on paper, and furnish copies to the member schools. You can’t run a league like a cottage industry. What then can be expected from a league run by athletic directors who have no idea about management. Make this freaking board more professional.

On Louie Alas’ comment that they could get an import from any continent, with the help of Dominicans, why not then? This is being realistic of the shortcomings of a Filipino’s genetic makeup. And by playing side by side with tall, athletic and muscular players, starting early with collegiate basketball, we are able to train our prospective national team players how it is to hustle against the prolific international ballers. Just like in trade, globalization is key. If we do not improve at the pace the rest of the world does, we will simply be left behind.



    Congrats pa rin sa Letran Knights for a well fought game. But I think it is still fair to have an import as long as there are no rules that are being broken. Having imports is for the betterment of the game of basketball in the Philippines. Here in the US there are a lot of foreign players in the NCAA. That makes the US players work harder in their game. Having imports or foreign players in the Philippine NCAA should be an inspiration for the local players to boost up their game. Last year, when Ekwe just arrived a lot of players from different teams feared him but this season it was a different story. Look at Sena of JRU and Guevarra of CSJL (remember his dunk on Ekwe). Ekwe being there just made them better players. But in the end of Season 83, the SAN BEDA RED LIONS emerged victors. ANIMO SAN BEDA!!! That in all things GOD may be glorified.

  2. michecesa says:

    Dear Bedan California,

    Thanks for visiting my site.

    I commend Louie Alas and his boys. They gave us quite a scare. But I have to agree, and Louie said so himself, San Beda is the strongest collegiate team in the Philippines.

    I really share your sentiments. The entry of Ekwe has improved the players surrounding him.

    I say, the NCAA should regulate the entry of foreign players into the league, not to prohibit them.

    Go San Beda Fight! Congrats to all Bedans worldwide!

  3. michecesa says:

    Dear I bleed roygbiv,

    Thanks for dropping by.

    Yah I heard Zion is jetting back to Australia after his stint with Ateneo.

    For Kevin to play for Ateneo though, he has to sit out 2 more years of residency. That doesn’t look too inviting.

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