Ohh this weekend was terrible. I suffered a severe case of homesickness! Everybody else living outside his or her home country could probably relate with me. There are times when the surroundings are never as exciting as they are at home. Everybody else seems like a stranger. And if only you could, how you wish you could pack your bags and jet right back to your home sweet home. I felt exactly this way last weekend. I should have been excited as I joined an excursion to Rotterdam. It was time to see the sights outside Utrecht. It is also one opportunity to take photos, but the weather did not help, the skies were as gloomy as I am.

Rotterdam was entirely different from Utrecht. It is an industrial city, with interesting architecture all around. It is the second largest port in all of Europe, so we got a glimpse of the sea, took a boat and ate pancakes! We also visited a museum, which housed a lot of interesting art. Some of them I did not believe could qualify as art, like a sewing machine wrapped in cloth and tied up in strings. As I walked out of the museum, it was then that I realized that maybe I underestimated myself and my artistic skills. If that man or woman’s work found its place in a museum, I could do that too!!

 We then went on a walking city tour, with momentary drizzling spells, typical of Dutch weather, by the way. It was short and sweet, we got to see the interesting architecture that Rotterdam is famous for.

The most exciting part of the trip was the pancake cruise. I was particularly interested in eating Dutch pancakes, so I would know what was so special about it. And eating it on a boat streaming down the river was something that sounded so cool, or so I thought. The cruise lasted about an hour and you could eat as much pancakes as you can during that time. But I didnt realize that my stomach would get queasy in the middle of the trip, so I ended up eating one pancake. It was just like eating a savory crepe. Tasted good, but now I know, it’s funner to eat pancakes on dry land.

The Pancake Boat…

My Pancake..

And the photos that made my day… well, almost…



And the view of the picturesque Erasmus bridge from the Upper Deck.

As I was walking back home to the hostel, I just thought of cooking up a list of the top things I miss about home… Might fascinate me a bit…

1. I miss eating rice!!!

2. I miss my mom’s cooking!

3. I miss riding a car and driving one.

4. I miss adobo, tuyo and corned beef ( and I dont even enjoy eating corned beef!)

5. I miss the warm weather.

6. I miss getting irritated with traffic.

7. I miss watching Red Lions basketball. (Though it helps that the NCAA season is over hehehe)

8. I miss going to a mall on Sundays.

9. I miss hearing my uncle’s homilies at the 11am mass at San Beda.

10. I miss hearing my cousin and my uncle’s choir sing at the same mass.

11. I miss everybody at my house! My mother,father, brother, sister (how do you brush your teeth) hahaha , Jubing, Lola, Lani, Archie and Julie! O di ba special mention lahat?

12. I miss my shorts, tank tops, sundresses and flipflops!

13. I miss the beach!

14. I miss the telenovelas, noontime variety shows and Senate hearings (huh??) hehehe

15. I miss speaking in Tagalog!

16. I miss my bed!

17. I miss my cousins and pamangkins!

18. I miss getting a maniped, and a hot oil. It’s way expensive here.

19. I miss Starbicks, Jollibee, Kozui, Cibo, ahh all those restaurants my sister and I always go to!

20. I miss all my friends!



  1. allan florendo says:

    great shots of netherlands! i miss stayin there. was assigned there some years back when i was working for ING. keep on shooting!

  2. michecesa says:

    hi allan!

    wow im so honored to have you see my shots hahaha! I was really interested to attend your most recent workshop, sayang kasi Im out here. See you soon!

    More power to you, anton and bong!

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