After 24 days of waiting, I finally moved into my own room. After my horror but funny days at the hostel, I can now enjoy the privacy of my own place. But first I got here, I had to travel back and forth to the hostel twice just to transport all my stuff. Imagine dragging along a total of about 50 kilos of things, to a bus, down and up the stairs. Whew, it was a lot of work! But when I reached my room, all my fatigue just blew away. And why not? This is how my room looked like:

Our place at Cambridgelaan is a 3 room apartment. I share the kitchen/common room, laundry and bathroom facilities with 2 girls, Xenia from Greece and Susan from China. They were very nice to give me a quick tour of our place and showed me through the appliances.

But wait, I haven’t revealed the best part. I have three large windows. The view is absolutely magnificent. You don’t believe me? See these…

During the day….

And at night? This…

Needless to say that, it was worth all the wait. And boy am I thankful I dont need to pay rent. It will cost me 450 euros each month! Geeeeeez!



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