The Dutch have a nationwide addiction for bicycles. I think the Netherlands is the most bike friendly country in the entire world. Bikes can cost a fortune here and bike theft is rampant as well. When I first came here, I said to myself, “what’s the big fuss about bicycles anyway?” After my first month here and bus tickets piling up in my wallet, I finally resigned to the fact, I do need a bike. So the very next day I moved into Cambridgelaan, I went into a bike store and got myself a second hand bike, and the all-important lock. It cost me 90 euros, (70 euros for the bike and 20 euros for the lock) whew! It felt bad letting go of the amount, but I computed and realized I will save more in the long run. Then I had to take it for a road test back home, there I suddenly got jittery. The last time I rode a bike was 4 years ago in Japan, and I fell off the bike really bad. I just had to brush that memory off and I was on my way. I’ve been riding my bike for 3 days now and luckily, I havent figured in an accident yet.

 So now, I present to you my new bike…. KERMIE! Why the name? Well, it’s a term of endearment my sister and I have, so this means Im extending my family. Here it is….

Hahaha, nothing special… Looks old and rusty? Well, the point is, it will take me anywhere for free! That’s enough reason for me to have it.

The bike route to the city center is quite scenic, coz it passes through the Wilhelminapark.  Here are some sights to see on my way to school…


Kermie at the Park

Wow, swans!



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