It was a spur of the moment thing. My roommate Xenia and some friends were trooping to Belgium for a daytrip. I just decided the night before to join them. It cost us 30 euros each for the round trip. I didnt mind the cost, we got the ticket at a discount, by the way. I was  just so excited to travel to a different country by train. It just felt so… Europe! In a country like the Philippines, where you must definitely jump on a plane to go to Boracay or spend an overnighter in a ship. It was such a thrill for me…

 Anyway, the sights along the way weren’t something spectacular. Just the usual view I see outside my window. But when we got out of the train, we all knew so well we were out of Utrecht…


Everyone around us was saying the same thing…. wow….

 As we got out of the station, we found ourselves right smack in the commercial district of Antwerp. Here is the place where you can do serious shopping. Unlike in Utrecht where you can only shop in H&M (or at least for me) Antwerp offered a wider choice. But I felt like I didnt leave Holland, since all the signs were still in Dutch. We continued walking across the shopping street, the shops housed in beautiful architectural buildings. Then we figured our way through to the city center (the Grote Markt)

I loved that this tram was color red. It just looked so vibrant amongst the trees!

And that this door could be a building, all on its own!

I’m beginning to have a feeling that I will take a similar picture as this in every European city I will visit..


This townhall, yes it is just a townhall, it looks like Malacanang Palace already!

We were walking towards the river, and I saw this… I was walking coolly towards it, but inside I was screaming “Omigod, omigod, it’s a castle, it’s a castle!!!!” Hahaha, I didnt want to sound like a little kid in Disneyland.

This had to be my favorite view in all of the city. The bridge leading up to the spot where I took this, was absolutely charming. It seemed like the Great Wall to me (well, I havent been to the Great Wall myself) and then it led to this view to your left and the river to your right. Loved it!

Im proud at how I took a photo of this church and how it contrasted with the clear blue sky above. Made me really happy.

Then the streets were laced with chocolate shop after chocolate shop. Each and everytime, I tell myself, “Go buy! Go buy!” But I cant bring myself to spend on chocolate. Back in Utrecht I am happy with the supermarket branded chocolates. Then I argue again that what’s going to Belgium, without tasting the chocolates?? But here is what I ended up doing, taking pictures of the display window

Ok stop it already. I’m regretting that decision all the way home. But I absolutely cannot leave without eating a waffle! So I did, cost me 4 euros though.

I didnt feel vindicated at all with my decision. I should’ve gone for the chocolates. It was too airy for me, and it didnt fill me up as I expected it.

And these were the people who made the trip in Antwerpen a real blast! 🙂


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