Finally, I have some time to relax. It’s been two weeks since I last posted on my blog. Was I really that busy? heheh. School has been so hectic, with papers to submit and exams to take. But now? It’s all over!! Yahoo! Now, Im here in my room, with a clear head. Too clear in fact, it makes me nervous. No books to read?? Hahaha it feels like the Monday after my bar exams! It’s a great feeling to be relieved of all the stress, but a part of me misses it. But let me enjoy this, at least for the next few days.

 Im going on my first overseas weekend trip tomorrow. Im going to Hamburg to visit some friends. Yey! Im travelling to a new country. It’s such a delight travelling the world. It’s been my lifelong dream to travel around Europe. So expect lots of stories and lots more pictures in the next week. I’ll be sure to be snapping photos like crazy!

 I’ve developed a renewed love affair with cooking since I arrived Utrecht. When my brains starts to numb and wanders off, my fingers start scouring the net for easy recipes of my favorite food. Last night, I made banana bread, incidentally, one of my favorite desserts of all time. I found this easy recipe. It received lots of comments, from beginner bakers saying how foolproof it was. And now I agree, it’s so easy to make! It’s funny though, that I wasnt able to find baking soda anywhere in Utrecht. With the research I made, baking powder cannot substitute for baking soda since the latter is more powerful. So I just had to give in to my urge to bake this bread even without baking soda. I put in 4 teaspoons of baking powder to replace the baking soda. It still turned out like bread. It is not bad, actually. But Im sure it can be better.

 So try it, you’ll probably do it better than I did.

 Lastly, tomorrow, the Roberto Cavalli collection for H&M will be debuting in stores. Ive seen the ads on the streets, on TV on the H&M website. It’s going to be available at the H&M branch at the Utrecht Centraal station. Im thinking of dropping by to check it out, before I hop on a train to Germany. I wonder if crazy shoppers will be clawing on the merchandise. I’m really curious if the Dutch are that kind of shoppers. So I might, if I wake up early enough. But then again, maybe my cheapskate self will rule over me and I end up buying nothing… That would be really depressing.


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