Making up for lost time in blogging, three entries in one day…

 This day marks a special milestone in my life, first of firsts… I cooked my first adobo.

It’s funny that I decided to finally cook adobo in a foreign land, where there is no Silver Swan and Datu Puti. No choice though, had to tweak the recipe to fit foreign ingredients in. So I sought the help of my Mommy Chef, I asked her for her recipe and method of adobo. I had to make it taste like that we eat at home, pay tribute to the plates of rice we have devoured with adobo.

I did what mom ordered. First I marinated the chicken (leg and thigh parts) and pork belly cubes in Indonesian soy sauce, (Ketjap Manis) which is slightly sweeter than Pinoy toyo, plain vinegar, balsamic vinegar, peppercorns, bayleaf, garlic and olive oil for over an hour. And then I brought this to a boil and simmered until medium heat until the meat was tender. I set aside the meat, lightly dredged them with flour, and pan-seared them till they were a little crispy, brought the sauce back in, until it boiled.

As garnishing, I brought in a German twist. I fried sliced potatoes (which were boiled until half-cooked) Bratkattofeln style, until golden brown, then added it to the adobo. Voila! My own version of adobo….


Can you see all that oil? Oh goodness, I can feel my blood pressure rising as of presstime, but it was all too sinful while I was eating it. I finished up all the rice I cooked. I was just telling my brother while we were chatting, in all the time I spent in Utrecht, “parang ngayon lang ako natinga ulit.” Im sorry but I cant think of an accurate translation. At best, that meant that it was the first time I ate so much since I left Manila. I guess only a Filipino dish can have that end result for me. When I thought it was edible enough, I had my Greek roommate have a taste, she liked it! So Im happy… I solicited a second opinion that totally agreed with the first. One thing is for sure, though, adobo does not cost this much from its country of origin!

I wasnt able to replicate Mom’s style, which is by the way, super duper duper good. But this is good enough, at least I know my brother and sister would like it, coz it is a little on the sweet side.

But it is a personal milestone for me, I finally passed the test, of cooking my first Filipino dish, on foreign land. *bow*


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