I just arrived from Hamburg and Wetzlar last weekend. I had a super fantastic time there. But let me start with saying that Hamburg experienced the worst storm that passed its way in 18 years, and it arrived the same day I did… Hmmm, mere coincidence? During that time, Wetzlar was experiencing sunny weather. On the day I left Hamburg, the sun was out, and the rainy weather joined me on my way to Wetzlar hahahah…

Hamburg is the second biggest port in Europe, next to Rotterdam.. But it was so different from Rotterdam. Apart from the magnificent architecture, I could appreciate the ambience despite the stormy weather. I didnt think it was a harbor city, until I saw the sea and the ships. It seemed to me like any other European city but I couldn’t quite explain it, it had a different air to it. I absolutely loved it!

Despite the stormy weather, my gracious hosts made sure that I got a feel of their beloved city and I did! Amidst the gusty winds and drizzling rain, I managed to overcome the chilling cold and see the sights 🙂

This is the trendy and upscale neighborhood of Eppendorf, where everything is just a stone’s throw away. What I really love about this neighborhood is this….


What??? A coffee shop! I travelled 5 hours by train to have coffee? Yah yah, I get it… Balzac coffee is Germany’s answer to the ubiquitous Starbucks known the world over. And now that I got to taste it, I know why… Two words, CARAMEL… MACCHIATO… Such an irony, coz I only drank this in Starbucks. For a non-coffee addict like me, I downed two mugs in one sitting! Look how happy I was with my caffeine fix

And did I begin to tell you about the food??? Not to spite the Dutch, but the world knows how unexciting Dutch cuisine is. Apart from pancakes, cheese and patat frites, there is nothing much to expect. It is said that the Dutch, of all peoples in the world, spend the least time in the kitchen. So when I headed to Germany, I was so looking forward to try out what they eat. These were what I tried

A typical German snack, Currywurst, sausage with curry sauce,served with either crusty bread or fries. Yummy yummy yummy! It was perfect for the freezing temperature!

Bratkattofeln, fried potatoes with onions and bacon, it’s a German take on the french fries. Tastes so much better if you ask me. Im planning to make my own, very soon!!

Well, there is nothing particularly German about this plate, except that I was in German territory when I ate this. I thought slicing the bread very thin was so cool hehehe… I just took this picture to make my sister green with envy.

Then I had to head off to Wetzlar with sunny smiles and heavy hearts, as you can see in the train station,


we took the rain with us and I found these calm and quiet sites.


These pictures say it all. The weather was not able to dampen my excitement about these places. Im sure to go back again, this time, when the weather permits.

I want to thank my fantastic hosts, for making me fall in love with Germany. It’s their fault that Im sure to come back and visit them again soon!


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