“Dissent without action is consent..”

I dont really like talking politics in this blog. It’s useless coz nothing will ever change. But as soon as I read these words that greeted me on  CNN streaming news when I opened the television Thursday morning, I just had to vent my disappointment. It was surprising to hear someone speaking Filipino on CNN. I looked up and saw Antonio Trillanes, being interviewed by Ces Drilon. A military tank had just slammed at the hotel entrance of The Peninsula Manila in Makati City, the military firing warning shots and hitting teargas at the hotel. Detained opposition Senator Antonio Trillanes IV and Brigadier General Danny Lim who were calling for President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to resign, ended the standoff to prevent an impending violent outbreak.

I felt sad while watching the news feed, because Filipinos have grown apathetic over the sorry state of political affairs in the country. They don’t seem to care anymore. Nothing of this magnitude would make them stand up and do something. I am not sure if this is political maturity or plain indifference.

What I really hated about the incident is: Why do they have to ram a military tank into a hotel entrance to serve a warrant of arrest?? It was overkill written all over the place.  And if the government did not wish for the situation to blow out of proportion, why didn’t they just arrest Trillanes while he was walking his way from the Makati Regional Trial Court to the Peninsula? That was a good 20 minute walk! They should’ve stopped him right then and there. No need to destroy private property. They had all the legal right to do it, as the accused was obviously evading arrest. There was an intent to create a scene. Both parties cannot claim they had honest intentions. Really crappy…

The abhorring fact is that some journalists who were trapped in the hotel because of the teargas, were arrested and taken into custody. (Read the pertinent Inquirer.net  article here) For what reason? No one knows. If they were taken in as witnesses, it is not reason enough to handcuff them. If they start to curtail the rights of free press, now this is a different story altogether.

Curfew in major parts of Luzon?? Something is brewing here. I dont even have to say it…

Even if Im far away from home, these words have stayed in mind all day long.  Im feeling sad for my country. It’s not funny anymore. Now Im wondering what the chain of events will bring. What an interesting Bonifacio Day this will be.


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