It’s been a while since I last posted. I was back in the Philippines for the holidays. I totally neglected my blog duty!

 Anyway, you may have already seen in my Flickr pics, I have made my dream come true. I finally visited PARIS!

It was a totally unplanned flight. My cousin in law flew in from the UK to visit me, a sidetrip before he went home to Manila. I had initially planned to take him to Cologne for a short day trip. So everything was set before he arrived. The minute he landed on Dutch soil, he popped a crazy idea, “Let’s go to Paris!” I absolutely hated him for bringing it up because it has long been at the back of my mind, but for lack of time and preparation, I just brushed off the idea. But he just went on and on, slowly convincing me that I had lost my sense of Filipino adventurism. Hmm? Just going on with things, without a rational, carefully thought out plan.. And then, in the next 30 minutes, I just said, YES! Let’s go to Paris!

When I said, we had absolutely no plans. I meant it! On the day before our departure, we had no tickets, (bus, train, plane)  no hotel, no itinerary! Just brighteyed hopes that we could catch a glimpse of the City of Lights during that weekend.

Early in the morning of 16December, we were standing on the Eurolines terminal at the Utrecht Centraal Station, waiting for the bus to arrive, equally hoping we could secure tickets from the driver. The bus departs Utrecht at 9:45am, the ticket office, located by the way at the other end of the station, opens at 9:30am. Wow, what are the odds of us getting on that bus? Hmmm, slim to none? So we delegated duties, I stood in front of the ticket office, waiting for it to open, as my cousin waited for the bus. As soon as the office opened, I rushed in, all prepared to beg them to issue me tickets. Miraculously, I didnt have to do that! The pretty girl at the counter must have sensed she would be instrumental to the realization of my Parisian dream from the look on my face! I paid 68euros each for a round trip ticket from Utrecht to Paris. Not bad! And to think we were crazy to consider getting train tickets worth 200 euros each!!! She just warned me to start running from there, to catch the bus. And so I did, gasping for air, I reached the terminal waving the tickets at my cousin, as I saw the bus. Oh my God!!! We were laughing for over an hour, in disbelief that we were actually on that bus!!! It was hilarious!

Okay, enough of that. It began to dawn on us that we will be on the bus for 7 straight hours. Lull lull lull….zzz..zzz…zzz…

6pm came! We were in Paris! When I heard the radio station buzz of that lovely French accent, I felt ecstatic! Finally I can make use of my French, Yahoo!!!

Then we checked in at the first hotel we saw, that was Hotel Ibis at Bagnolet, just across the eurolines terminal in Paris. For 60euros a night for 2 people, no complaints! It had basic amenities, and very clean. However, it was very far from the city center, a thirty minute metro ride from the Gallieni station. But due to our excitement, we just didnt mind the long ride!

First stop? Make a guess…

It would be sacrilege to go someplace else! So we got off the Trocadero station, which my cousin researched to be the best place to see the Eiffel. We were frantic as we got off the station, not seeing the tower right away. But when it suddenly emerged from the left side, we were out of words. It was so unreal, inexplicable… And why not? These pictures show you why…

Whichever way you look at it, from afar, closeup, from the side, from down under. Simply magnificent!

We couldn’t get enough of it, we just had to see it in broad daylight.And how did it look?

You be the judge…


It’s funny how it makes you feel. Imagining all your life you’d be in front of the Eiffel, and then you find yourself there. For the first time, I know how it feels to make a dream come true.. Yuck drama di ba? But when you’re there, you’ll know.


Next stop? L’Arc de Triomphe… I dont know how to describe it, seeing all these monuments, put all postcards to shame. But it’s such a joy taking photos of them. Coz you dont have to think and compose, any shot will just look… so beautiful!

Underneath the arc…

Look at that intricate detail…

More action underneath the Arc…

Another great discovery I had, I found out there that the Arc led to the Champs-Elyssees!! Hahaha…

Cool, huh??

(to be continued…)


3 thoughts on “PARIS!

  1. Therese says:

    BITIIIIN!!! write more pa of Paris!!! super enjoy ako reading it…I hope to bring Ellysse there. Baka we’re meant to go there because of our names Mary FRANCEs Therese and ELLYSSE FRANCEsca.

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