Since my trip to Hamburg, I’ve always wanted to go back to Germany. So on my cousin’s last day in Europe, I took him to Cologne, which was an hour and a half away from Utrecht on the ICE train (The German trains are so much trendier than Dutch trains!)

Just had to have a picture with it.

After our smooth ride, we got off at the Koln HBF (Cologne Central Station) to experience a genuine German Christmas Market, which was on for the whole month of December.

I loved the traditional feel of these markets. My favorite was the one right beside the Dom. It was conveniently located, a couple of steps away from the Central Station, and apparently it was the busiest too.

But it looked so much better at night…

But honestly, I didn’t really go there to do some shopping. I came there for the food! My currywurst was waiting for me!

When I finished this, I was all set to go right back to Utrecht!

Eating Bratwurst in Germany, how…. German!

More sights at the Christmas market…


I didn’t know grilling meats could look so solemn.

It was so cold, the Christmas market express train looked so inviting as means of transport. But 5euros for a short ride on a kiddie train, nope!

The Dom was HUGE!!

As a final note, if ever you drop by Cologne, don’t miss the Chocolate Museum, or even just the Museum shop! They have so many choco goodies, you will be so amazed. There’s so much to take home. And of course the 4711 store, which was the reason why Cologne became a household word.Yah! That’s why it was Eau de Cologne, because it was from Cologne! Gets??

P.S. By the way, I was looking all over for Balzac Coffee, one of the reasons why I was all excited to go to Germany. Much to my dismay, I wasn’t able to find it… I had no other choice, but to go to Starbucks 😦


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