On our second day, we had a long list of places to see. We were out of the hotel at 8am and we headed to the Notre Dame. But before everything, we had to have breakfast. A classic Parisian breakfast of baguette and cafe! And so we did!

This was my first sip of coffee in Paris! See that smile on my face…

Quite ironic though that I was drinking Italian coffee in France. But well, I had no choice!

With this, I ordered an omelette with forest mushrooms. When it came, I was disappointed coz it was burnt and tasted so bland. I didn’t want to believe that that was how they prepared omelettes in Paris. I can do better than that!

Anyway, we crossed the street and there it was, the Great Notre Dame Cathedral!

I just loved this picture, the way the morning sun lit the Cathedral from the side. It was glorious.

We just walked around the area, seeing the River Seine was nostalgic for me. I’ve seen it in so many movies before, and then Im standing right next to it. Yah yah, Ive said it too many times. It’s so unreal!

This is how much I loved Paris, I began hugging the lampposts!

After our morning stroll along the River Seine, we went to the Louvre. For a while I thought that the glass pyramid was the entire museum already, but boy I was wrong, and I felt so stupid to see, it was just the entrance! Hahaha

The famed pyramid from up close..

Before we entered the Louvre, we vowed to ourselves we would spend a grand total of TWO HOURS inside the museum. Just to look at the Mona Lisa and the Appartements of Napoleon. A very touristy move, I know. But we were spending only three days in Paris. Have mercy!

The rounds we had at the Louvre turned into some sort of a photo shoot, for my cousin at least. He played his part well, as an Italian model hahaha


He absolutely stole the scene away from La Venus de Milo.

The Louvre was too much eye candy. Everywhere you look, you see art. From the paintings and sculptures, even the walls and ceilings are too beautiful. At times, they take the limelight from the works of art on display!

Yes, that’s how walls and ceilings look like at the Louvre.

And Napoleon’s apartments, wow…

So what did we eat in PARIS?

We didn’t spend much on food, as I said, we were on a budget trip, remember? But of course, we had to give ourselves the full Paris experience. It would never be complete without the food. For our first night, we picked the perfect spot for our first dinner, right in front of the Eiffel, eating hotdog on a baguette. It was freezing cold for us, but we just had a most memorable dinner.

C’est la vie!

The next evening, after wandering around Paris for three quarters of the day, we just had to have a sumptuous meal. We found ourselves on the Champs Elysees and figured our way to Chez Clement. I ordered a grilled meat sampler, served with soup and mashed potatoes. It was decent, and reasonably priced, but honestly, my mom could do so much better!

At the entrance of Chez Clement..

 But what really impressed me in Paris, is McCafe! Their branch on the Champs Elysees could beat Starbucks BIGTIME! It was so classy, their coffee concoctions were in fact very good. The pastries, yummy! If only all McCafes are like that, life would be so great!

My breakfast, pain au chocolat, Pistachio macaron and Latte Macchiato, yum, yum, yum!

The McCafe counter. So cool!

These photos could not quite capture the beauty of that city called Paris. But at least, I tried! I had a most spectacular time there. I am sure to be back there soon!


3 thoughts on “MORE OF PARIS!

  1. alphaheretic says:

    very nice blog entry. enjoyed reading that. absolutely loved paris. so much so that I’ve returned. here’s to your further enrichment along the remainder of your journey.

  2. alphaheretic says:

    Awesome. I’ll be going to India via Bangkok in February. Might try to step into Cambodia again. I love the Angkor area and Siem Reap. If you’ve seen my blog, it’s an unmistakable love affair. lol Have fun in Paris.

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