My Manila trip was such a whirlwind. I had so much planned before I came. I had quite a list of restaurants to eat at. But I ended up trying only a few. I felt bad about it, but well, we just had so much good food at home. I didn’t need to dine out. Here are some that I tried. But sorry my camera also took a break in Manila. I didnt get to take pictures during my restaurant tour. Just search for them at the Net if you want more info..

Oh wait, before anything else, let me just say that the new Pedro Gil wing at Robinson’s Place Ermita is just a stroke of genius. It looks great! As to whoever designed to connect the Faura and Pedro Gil segments of the mall, CONGRATULATIONS! Now I dont need to walk the long route back. I cant believe how near these entrances were from each other!

 1. Apartment 1B- I tried the croque madame. I liked it, but I wouldnt really spend sleepless nights on it. My sister tried the 3 egg omelette. Luscious, but still, nothing spectacular. The interiors had a homey atmosphere to it. We were there at 9am, the day after New Year so it felt like our own place. But if it were buzzing on a lunch hour, I think it would be too cramped.

2. Chef’s Quarter- at the new wing at Robinson’s Ermita. They had the Tessie Tomas Salad (of smoked salmon, Grilled shrimp and sundried tomato) which happened to be my favorite salad at Le Souffle.  I was happy that if I needed to have it in Manila, I didn’t have to travel to Makati for it. But please please please try the Salpicao Fried Rice. Ultimate comfort food! I loved it.

3. Sucree- I read about it at Dessertcomesfirst. The Red Velvet cake was a disappointment. I still havent found a great version of it in Manila. Virginity, so so. But the Mango Melange…. perfect!

Can you believe it? That was it! So much for restaurant hopping. Till my next trip!


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