You wouldn’t believe how many movies I’ve seen in a span of two weeks! I’m absolutely addicted to watching movies that I think I’ve made up for the movies I haven’t seen for the entire of 2007. Here is the unofficial list of the movies I’ve seen lately, in no particular order:

1. Georgia Rule– I loved Jane Fonda’s character here and how she would make anybody bite soap when he or she would use the Lord’s name in vain. Lindsey Lohan always wore white here. I didnt know if it was intentional. Felicity Huffman, was as always, brilliant!

2. The Last Kiss– Others have coined it as the American version of Love Actually. But I think it did not live up to its British inspiration. Love, Actually is way better. But The Last Kiss had its heartwarming moments. Not bad..

3. 2 Days in Paris — I love Julie Delpy. I adored any movie set in Paris. Sometimes I am fooled to watching every movie with “Paris” in its title. Half of the movie was in French, so I dont know if I was able to grasp the idea of the entire movie. But I was satisfied with it. Because it was set in  Paris.

4. Broken English — This one is inspired by Before Sunrise, an Ethan Hawke-Julie Delpy starrer. It had the Paris element again (I told you, I think Im hooked) It was half as romantic, but Parker Posey was so good in this movie. And it helped too that she had such wonderful outfits!

5. Touch of Pink — This movie starred Jimi Mistry, who is trying to conceal from his family that he was gay and was living in with his UNICEF economist boyfriend. The boyfriend Giles was absolutely adorable. But Jimi seemed awkward in his role. I don’t know if it was just me, but I think I saw him grimace in one of his scenes with his boyfriend.

6. The Great Debaters — Oh wow… Another movie genre that I love. Movies about teachers and coaches (Stand and Deliver, Dangerous Minds, Coach Carter) Denzel Washington’s directorial debut was impressive. His acting was great as usual. But the kids who played as the debaters did a great job. I loved this  movie. I recommend that you see it!

7. Juno — Juno is a very simple story, with very witty dialogue. It reminded me of how the characters of Dawson’s Creek would speak to each other. It reminds you that it’s not real life. Im intrigued about how the characters communicated with each other. I loved Ellen Page’s character. I dont know though if she deserved that Academy Award Nomination. Jennifer Garner was quite a revelation here. I think she deserved the nomination more.

8. Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants — I have3 words for you. I LOVE SANTORINI!!! Watch it and fall in love with the island!

9. Accepted — Bartleby Gaines, is such a funny name. But it has a ring to it. This is a funny movie. If you want to see a movie that will not make you think, AT ALL. And will give you quite a few laughs. Then it’s worth a try.

10. National Treasure: Book of Secrets — This was a very entertaining movie. But the first was definitely better. But still, you will enjoy watching this.

More updates, very soon!


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