10,000TH HIT!

Wow, what a milestone! I was keeping close watch on my hit counter until it reached the 10,000th mark. It is a great achievement that people actually read what I write. That they like the same things I enjoy. What are the recent happenings this month before I reached the 10,000th hit? Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal booted out of the Australian Open, while the Serbian invasion has stashed its first Grand Slam title. A new force in world tennis is slowly shaping up.

I attended a graduation ceremony of my friend at the Faculty of Law. There I saw the perfect example of graduating on the go. The scene? 2 graduates, 2 professors, 7 guests in an empty hall. The entire ceremony was done in 15 minutes!! This would never happen in the Philippines. My graduation in UP lasted for 5 hours!

An equally tremendous milestone that came with this blogging achievement is that: I cooked my first pork sinigang! Pork sinigang is a Filipino soup dish in a tamarind base, (so it is really sour) which can be made with pork, chicken, beef, seafood, you name it! It is garnished with vegetables. It’s best to eat in a rainy day and poured over steaming white rice.

The trick to make the soup thick and savory is to use rice washing water (we call it hugas bigas in Filipino) to boil the pork (I used pork ribs) For the vegetables, I used okra, eggplant, pak choi (a Chinese vegetable) and string beans. Good thing my cousin brought me loads of sinigang mix, just in case I would have a sinigang craving in the future. It was good and my roommates enjoyed it. I observed them closely if their faces would cringe at the sour soup. But a smile came after their first sip. That spelled to me as S-U-C-C-E-S-S!


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