This summer, a star falls.. The chase begins…

Fairy tales are for girls..

But not this one..

I first thought Stardust was one film that followed the genre of books turned movies, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, none of which I read. I confess, I am a student who hates books. I had no idea what Stardust had to offer. I gambled to be pleasantly surprised if it was good, blame myself for wasting time if it was horrible. The film boasted of an all star cast, Ian McKellen as narrator, Michelle Pfeiffer as the evil witch, Claire Danes as the falling star, and Robert De Niro as… the biggest surprise of all. Must I say though that Charlie Cox is such a cutie, a deadringer for Robert Sean Leonard circa Dead Poets Society. Too much of a good thing already, all the roles these actors play were totally out of character. That was enough to satisfy my curiosity. So I went on… hesitantly. The last fantasy film that amused me was of too distant memory to remember.

What I hated about fantasy flicks the most is that most scenes are too dark, they usually lull me to sleep. But Stardust was such a joy to watch. It had the perfect mix of romance, comedy, magic and adventure. Stardust is hands down my favorite film of 2007. The humor reminded so much of The Princess Bride, only Stardust is so much funnier.

See it, I beg you. I won’t let you down.

 Visit the official website at www.stardustmovie.com.

See the reviews on IMDB.


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