He did in ancient times, and so he did again at the Super Bowl!

And why do I always have a heart for the underdog? Or maybe everybody else does. Contrary to popular thought, nobody loves a winner. The devil in everyone of us wants winners to lose. And when they lose, make them lose really hard.

This was the story Sunday night when the New York Giants rained on the New England Patriots winning parade, capturing the most important win of all, the Super Bowl. The Patriots were gunning for a perfect season. Invincibility is an unknown concept in sports. No one rules the world forever. Not the Patriots, not Roger Federer, not the UE Warriors..

I am not a big fan of American football. I love it when they make movies out of it. Remember the Titans, Rudy, Jerry Maguire. I can go on and on. They never fail to touch my heart.

But I know I am a true lover of sports. In sports, miracles happen. Just like that miracle Eli Manning weaved through in the dwindling minutes of the fourth quarter. I did not know what kept him standing. And that David Tyree catch, pinning the leather to his helmet.. Just like in the movies.

I failed to catch the entire game. I just saw the highlights on this site. Enjoy it! Meanwhile, I will see the superbowl ads one by one and pick my favorite.

Hurray for sports!



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