Utrecht has been having good weather lately, after weeks and weeks of wind and rain. Saturday greeted me with sunny sunshine. It only meant one thing. It was time to take Kermie for a ride to the city center. And so we went…

 Kermie’s limping wheel (translation: almost flat) took me to the Saturday Open Market which was a hop away from the Centraal Station. Everyone troops to the open market for fresh fruits and veggies, seafood, meat and cheese cheese and cheese. I have never laid eyes on so much cheese in my entire life. Finally, I have some pictures to prove it!




Another market to watch out for during Saturdays is the Janskerkhof Flower Market, which is located just in front of the Faculty of Law and the International Office. During Saturdays, the square is transformed from a parking lot to a pretty flower patch. It’s a sight for sore eyes during the winter season. We need color!!

There aren’t much choices as of now. But still, the colors are so amusing! I cant wait for springtime!

I then walk to the Oudegracht to see how people spend sunny Saturday afternoons. How?

Lining the sidestreets, eating patat frites! (french fries)

Interesting, huh? There is a large voice echoing all over the busy street. Look left, look right, where is that booming voice coming from? Now you will know…

It’s the neighborhood flower man in Oudegracht, always there, rain or shine… Come to him to buy these..

What else?? TULIPS! We’re in the Netherlands, remember??

It’s time to cycle back home. Anne Frank waves back…

Till next week…


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