entourage boys

From the official Entourage site

Yup, totally addicted… I’ve seen the entire of Season 1 and 2, in two days!!

I’m into watching movies and tv series like a mad lunatic. Ive seen gossip girl and cashmere mafia lately. Then, I decided to try to watch Entourage. My brother and cousins love Entourage, much like any other male person on this planet. I saw the pilot and said to myself,”What’s so special about this series?”

Then I went on watching. In the middle of episode 5, I found myself hooked. Clicking episode after episode, there was something very endearing about each and every character. Well, Vinnie is such a darling, enough said. Eric is the most crushable of this brady bunch. Turtle and Drama, just steal the show everytime! Oh geez, how can I forget the indomitable Ari Gold? (played by Jeremy Piven) In every scene, he screeches, screams, overreacts in such an adorable fashion. I really like Jeremy Piven, what a versatile actor! He fits the Ari Gold persona to a T. He deserves every inch of his Emmy and Golden Globe trophies.  And Lloyd!!(played by Rex Lee) His Chinese-American gay assistant just makes me roll on the floor laughing. (yes, ROFL like crazy) I love his crazy outfits, his orange and green striped sports car. He is so adorable!

The main stars are plain Joes lost in the maze called Hollywood. How can the tall, lanky Adrian Grenier become a big Hollywood Superhero? But with those eyes and that curly do, I’m not complaining. To make the story short, Entourage makes  everybody else’s dream to be crazy rich and famous come to life.  

I’ve joined the bandwagon quite late in the day. Because Entourage has been running for more than 2 years now. But it still rocks!! If you haven’t started watching Entourage, do it now. Join me in wondering why it is such a hit.


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