February 14, the day most dreaded by singles… Back home, you’d be the odd man or woman out if you spend yours at home. If you do have a plus one, you’d spend it with hundreds of other couples, packed in a restaurant, concert, or caught in a monstrous traffic jam. Valentines’ Day has become such a big deal, it’s almost funny. Concerts left and right, spending the night in a classy restaurant with absolutely no privacy. Chairs bumping into each other. Flower prices skyrocketing. Chocolates flying off the shelves. Totally inconvenient. What is the big fuzz anyway?

I’ve spent valentines days in various depressing ways. Spent it at home all day waiting for a boyfriend to call, till the phone finally rang at midnight. Too late for a date. I spent another one on the road to a friend’s house for a valentine singles’ bash only to figure in a carbumping incident. Nothing serious though, but I was dressed to the nines then and the police officers kept saying, “Ma’am you might be late for your date.” Waaa, I wanted to hit them in the head!

Now, I stare onto the greenery outside my window and chuckle at those times. Back then, I would say, “Oh what a pity..” But now, I’m mighty glad to spend this valentines day in the comfort of my room, to spend this day thinking of family and friends back home. Im sure they are all also in their homes, rather than spending hours in traffic. Hehehe they join me in this Valentines day boycott.

Seriously though, Valentines day is a celebration of love. Well, so does every other day! Why do we have to wait till February 14 to take someone out on a date, to dinner, bring someone flowers or chocolate, listen to love songs, etc? Valentines day is a commercialized, media-hyped excuse for love, for romance. But really, we can make any day an excuse to celebrate love. Besides, flowers and chocolates, and concert tickets are much much cheaper on all of the other days.

So now, I say to all. Be brave. Be unique. Mark your own Valentines’ Day. Make it your own, for you and your loved one/s 😀


2 thoughts on “VALENTINES DAY

  1. b from tokyo says:

    wala pa ring tatalo sa valentines ng japan!!! chocolates chocolates he he he… some of the stuff i got which i highly recommend: demel (austria) and laderach (switzerland)…

    am dreading white day though….


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