I just had February 29 pass me by… Years ago, I only regarded leap years to remind me that a summer olympics will be held on that year. When I was in my early teens, I memorized all the cities that hosted the Summer Olympics since Athens in 1896, and the renowned Olympic record holders in modern times. Yah, such a nerd.. Hahaha! Little did I know that back in the day, February 29 was a feast day to celebrate girl power!

During February 29, women were “permitted” to propose marriage during “leap day” and men would be fined if they refuse the proposal! Wow! Talking about a shotgun proposal.. But hey! We were given a chance to take the “leap” just once every four years, at a particular date! Geez, I could imagine how eagerly women awaited this date to get down on their knees… and beg…

Well, well, well, times have truly changed. But I would have loved to try that out, just for kicks. If I remembered that it was February 29 last Friday. If a random guy would have rejected the proposal, I would’ve asked him for a cup of coffee or a platter of bitterballen hehehe. But if he said yes?? I would get up, off my knees, scramble away… Coz I’ve met a psycho of a soulmate hahaha…

To all the leapers and leaplings (persons born on February 29) of this world, belated happy birthday! May you have more birthdays to come!… If only they could come more often than every four years!

Thanks to the ever so reliable Wikipedia for the juicy trivia featured on this post!


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