Another one of those powerful women conquer the world TV series…

Since the phenomenal success of SATC, this plot has been a favorite on TV. Cashmere Mafia came about, then Lipstick Jungle. Just out of curiosity if the next aspirant will make the grade, I checked out the pilot episode of Lipstick Jungle.


Wendy, a high ranking CEO of a film outfit, Nico, a soon-to-be CEO of a publishing firm (Mia Mason, is that you?) and Victory, a up and coming fashion designer. The story isn’t all that exciting. Set in New York, yet again.. It was supposed to be an explosive pilot episode, right? But geez, I was yawning during the first act!

I couldn’t say much about it. I do hope the story progresses well real soon. Coz it will be axed faster than you say Lipstick Jungle.



  1. MiNa says:

    I saw on E! or tv.com that the writers of Cashmere Mafia and Lipstick Jungle were from SATC. They are trying to re-live/continue SATC but CM and LJ girls lack the SATC kind of hotness and character. And yeah, LJ’s pilot was boring. XOXO Gossip girl is the hottest!

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