The Bucket List is a story of two cancer patients, who were given a short leash on life, enough to fulfill a list of things they want to do before they die. Edward Cole (played by Jack Nicholson) was a millionaire several times over, hospital magnate, old and alone, find himself sharing a hospital room with Carter Chambers (played by Morgan Freeman) a mechanic, family man and Jeopardy! addict. In the twilight zones of their lives, they found a treasure of a friendship, bound by exhileration of life and acceptance that theirs were to end very soon.

I was lured into watching it because of the big name stars. Academy award winners, actors-geniuses of their generation, the movie was too good to pass up. As the movie went by, I figured there was nothing extraordinary about the film. The plot was not very unique. At times, you would think you were watching Discovery Travel and Living, with genuine actors as hosts of the show. But at the latter part of it, I began feeling the genuine emotions of the actors. When they slowly crossed out the items on the Bucket List as they accomplished them one by one. Kiss the most beautiful girl in the world, Laugh until you cry… Witness something majestic… I thought these were the truly unexpected twists in the movie. They warmed my heart, and tears just kept coming.. But well, what do I know? Im a self-confessed, worst kind crybaby for sappy scenes..

There were some dull moments in the film, but the good parts more than made up for them. I loved it that the film depicted male friendships at its finest. This is another aspect of the movie that I truly appreciated.

Overall, I enjoyed it… Not the best film ever made. But not bad… Not bad at all..


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