When I realized that my students back home were graduating college, I had so many mixed feelings. I was so proud of them coz they are finally out of school, and additional statistics to the labor force. I also felt jealous coz they graduated ahead of me hehehe.. I’ll graduate this summer.

Most of all, I began nostalgic, going back to those days that I was teaching back home. It was one of the most gratifying experiences of my life. I finally felt what it was like sitting at the other side of the classroom. It was time for me to play god during class hours. That was my masterplan at first. To become a terror of a professor, I take inspiration from my uncle who holds the reputation as the most terrorizing professor of his time in our school. But I was in for a big surprise.

They actually believed what I said! Hahaha and to think that I had damn of a hard time back in the day that I was studying that subject. It just dawned on me that it was only then that I truly understood how the law meant and how it worked. I was terribly terribly underpaid but I didn’t even notice. I just had a great time. I looked forward going to class. My students were not the diligent type at all. Noisy and naughty, they were big kids who copy during quizzes and exams, constantly chatting, total headaches! But simple efforts and gestures make me smile.  If a student would get a good grade, answer a question in recitation convincingly, these already made my day. The work environment I moved around during the day was very stressful and sometimes depressing, but when I step into the school, my disposition completely changed.

During the semester I taught in college, I feel that I learned so much more than what my students did. It’s funny coz it was them who paid tuition fees. I can say for sure that teaching is indeed a rewarding experience. If I’ll have a chance again to teach, I would do it again, in a heartbeat!!

 To my young professors, who marched to claim their diplomas last weekend, cheers to you! Till we meet again…


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